No other L-band commercial mobile satellite has the capability of the Ligado SkyTerra 1 satellite. Its 22-meter, reflector-based antenna – the largest reflector in service on a commercial satellite – is specifically designed to provide robust mobile connectivity to small, low-power devices throughout North America.

Coverage and Capacity

The Ligado SkyTerra 1 satellite provides coverage and capacity that can be dynamically allocated in response to emergency situations or for any additional bandwidth needs. Advanced ground-based beamforming capabilities enable flexible management of network resources, forming hundreds of beams when and where they are needed throughout North America.

The Ligado satellite network leverages lower mid-band spectrum, which is not only less susceptible to rain fade and blockage from dense foliage, but can also be tightly integrated with terrestrial networks to deliver seamless satellite and terrestrial coverage.

Ligado Satellite Network

SkyTerra 1

  • One-of-a-kind satellite network
  • 22-meter, reflector-based antenna
  • State-of-the-art capabilities, including ground-based beamforming and targeted bandwidth resource allocations
  • Ideal for pervasive connectivity to small, fixed and mobile devices
  • Enables stronger mobile connections and greater flexibility in network capacity management